No Pressure.

Congratulations to everyone that ran the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon.  We had a great time working at the water stop.  It was kinda nice not having the pressure of running, but at the same time I kinda wished I was out there too.  I loved seeing Steve running the penny costume!  The weather was great for the runners.  I on the other hand was freezing.  We wanted to go to the finish after our water stop duties were over, but it soccer season, and the first game was later in the day.  This was the first Saturday in a a long time that I took a complete rest day.  I hope this taper thing works. 

I still got up this morning for masters swim.  The crowd was slightly small today, but  still a good group.  Erin and Oz of course.  Where were the Sommers?  I think Eric ran yesterday so that a good excuse.  Here’s the work out:

500 warm up

6×75 1-3 slower than 4-6

2×200 on the 3:00

3×150’s on the 2:20

easy 50

5×100 on the 1:35

easy 50

twice through. 

300 pull.