No frost at the Frostbite.

So, I decided at the Christmas party, last night, that I wanted to do the frostbite. Partially because the weather wasn’t horrific, and because Allyson made me feel guilty.

I woke up, checked the weather, ate breakfast, and took 2 Excedrin ( Christmas party last night…). I got to the race and registered. The wind shirts this year were very nice! Kudos. It was great getting to See everyone! Emily, Randy, and Dr. Nick to name a few rabbits.
When the race started I felt good. I kept a 7:45 pace keeping in line behind Kevin M. By mile 7 I was starting to feel the pain. I was going to try and catch Leah, but after the hills, I had nothing left. I appreciate Dan yelling at me from Jason’s truck, as I ‘m running up the last hill. “Run Faster” Okay like I ‘m not trying. I guess it did make me move a little faster. I finished the race in 1:20:39. It’s what I wanted to do, but I was mad, because I know if I went home earlier, I could have done better.

We stuck around for the awards. I was delighted to find coffee, bananas, and Rolly Polly sandwitches. I won my age group, and got an awesome green Christmas mug with engraved snowflake. Best trophy ever. Emily Z. recieved a Bunn coffee maker for winning overall. Pretty Cool.
It was a great race, maybe not so much for me. Thanks to all the voulenteers!