No Fair

This past week of training has been tough.  Wednesday I did a 35 mile bike ride on the trainer, due to the rain.  It went pretty well, I did a high cadence ride.  It was a good work out.  Unfortunately, When I went to do my 14 mile run on Thursday, my legs were still shot.  It was like running with two cement bricks.  It was by far my most tortuous run thus far.  I took Friday off as a rest day.  Saturday I unintentionally took off due to family functions and my own ill will.  TodayI was supposed to do a 2mile ride 3 mile run x3, but I only managed 1/3 of that.  I have lost my motivation this week, and have 2 million other things going on.  I am so ready for this race to be over.  I need to focus and get my training back in gear.  On the plus side I did only go to the fair once, and the only thing I ate were a few french fries I stole from my niece Sophie!