No Breath, Ya right…

My right hip was a little sore from my long run ysterday, so I opted for a speed set in the pool.  I did a little butterfly on the 200 drill.  That is such a tough stroke to do.  My abs were done after 25 yards.  By the end I could only do 1 of the 8×25’s with no breath. 
Warm up : 300 Free
Drill:3 x 200
#1: 50 Gallup Drill/50 Swim
#2: 50 Backstroke/50 Free
#3: 25 Non-free/25 Free
Main: 40 x 50:
Twice Thru: NO BREAKS!
1-5: descend
6-10: pull
11-15: Kick, +25
16-20: Cruise
Last set: 8 x 25: Odds No Breath, Evens Swim