Never skip a meal.

Dan told me on Saturday that I swim too much.  That is so true, but with my knee a bit sensitive, and a day care at the fit club, swimming was the workout of choice today.  I am going to try and cut back to 2 swims a week, and focus more on cycling this winter.  I did a 400 warm up, and then started my 12x 200’s on the 2:50 w/ 30sec rest.  Things were going smoothly.  On a rest I spoke  with the swimmer in the next lane.  John, whom I’d seen at other tri’s was getting his workout in. He said he was doing the Cape Girardeau  tri this week end. ( So let the hardy breed know how the race went.)  I continued with my my swim, and fell apart.  My stroke got sloppy, and times slower.  “What is wrong with me?”  Oh ya!  I ate crakers and peanut butter for lunch.  Stupid move.  I finished my set vowing to never skip lunch again.