My Weakness

I know my weakness lies in the bike.  My resolution is to ride as much as possible.  I had lunch plans to lift weights at fit club at noon, so I thought I should ride my bike.  I first had to go into R&M and get a bike lock.  I stuffed my gym shoes in my back pack and left.  I road through the park, and took the back way to fit club, so I could avoid traffic.  It took me less than 20 min. to get there.  I did a weight routine with Steven that works every thing, and 30 min later you are drenched in sweat.  It’s a great work out.  Drill Sargent made me do some push ups, and planks to finish up.  I got back on the bike and road home.  I feel more comfortable on my bike, I just need to keep working on it.