Muddy Monday

I woke early, well as early as I could, so I could get a long bike ride in before it got too hot.  I drove over  to the Wabash trail, by BJ , and parked.  I rode from there behind Panther west, across veterans, down Toronto road.  I went around the lake, via WLSD, to ELSD, through Chatham.  In Chatham I got on the trail.  It provided some nice shade.  When I got to the intersection, where all that construction is going on, It was wet and muddy. Well I had to ride through it.  I looked down and my shoes, and legs were covered in dirt. 

I finished in less than 2 hours and did 30miles.  I haven’t gone that far in a while.  I looked like I had been mountain biking.  I had to wash the bike when I got back home. 

After the morning ride, I had a pool work out planned for the afternoon.  I did a max-oxy set.  10×200 on the 2:50. with 1min rest.  I also did a kick set with and with out fins, since today is not a running day.  I try to alternate pull, and kick sets.  I totaled 3200y.