Monday Therapy

I think exercise is the best for of therapy.  Why pay someone a bunch of money to tell you what its wrong with you, when you can go lift weights, of run hard and feel twice as good?  I did my therapy session Monday night, after a tough weekend. 

I went to the usual 1600 powerzone.  Since it was MLK day, Kelly joined, and we got to gossip while lifting!  Love it. After powerzone I hit the treadmill for a 40 tempo run.  I was reminiscing during the run about  when I first started running.  Thanks to Kelly for that.  We used to step aerobics all the time, and started doing 20 min on the treadmill before class.  I used to thing anything of 6.5 was fast.  Now I start my treadmill runs at 7.  You have to start somewhere, and can always get better.  That’s what I got out of therapy today.