Make Up, and Massage Monday


I took a full day off yesterday, something I don’t do very often.  I did however,  go to Von Maur and Steven got me a killer pair of heels.  I had some making up to do today.  Even Though I had the day off I got up early and got my run over with.  We did 5 miles through the park. 

I missed 2 Sundays in a row of master swim.  Last week because of the 2 miler, and yesterday because of shopping.  I made it up today and went to the practice at 1100.  I heard the practice yesterday was tough, so I was kinda glad I missed.  Although I could definitely tell I had missed 2 weeks of practice today.  We did a 500 warm up, 4×100’s on the 1:40 descend.  Then 10×150’s on the 2:00 then 2:30.  6×100’s 1:20, 1:30, 1:40.  Last 10x 25’s no breath.  It was a tough workout. 

Later on I had a massage with Sue.  I got her name from Holly D.  She asked where my trouble spots were, and I told her my back, between my shoulder blades is always tight.  Especially after a swim.  I almost cried when she was working on my back, but I think I needed that.  The massage was great,painful, but great.  A couple of bottles of water later , and some Advil and I’m ready for bed.