Lost in Kansas

So it was another Kansas weekend for me.  I left Thursday night, got there around 2030. I sot up this morning and planned on running 7miles.  I hadn’t done a long run in two weeks (slacker), so 7 sounded good.  I was given simple directions from my friend (Derick)  on the route to take.  A big square.  Left on phlumm, Left on 75th and another left on Niemann. I brought my hand held bottle with just water, mind you I only planned on 7.  So I am running down phlumm, admiring the wonderful rolling hills Kansas has to offer, I pass 71st, keep going and I get all the way to 79th.  Now I know I did not see a 75th.  So I turn around.  I shoot a text to Derick “75th right?”  “yeah left on 75th” .  I look at my Garmin. 6miles down.  Thinking I’m lost. I thought I would just go back the way I came.  A little ticked due to the fact that it’s getting hotter, and my water is running low.  I wasn’t sure I could make it 12 miles.  When I got back to 71st I took that instead.  I went through a few neighborhoods, and eventually found my way to Niemann.  Yeah.  When I finished my run I had ended up doing 9.25.   Derick forgot that 75th changes names at phlumm to Blackfish.  I asked him if that was his secret way of telling  me to run farther.  Oh well It worked.