Lost and found

I thought my running and my life was over when I lost my garmin.  I couldn’t eat, or sleep.  OK so it was not that bad.  Friday I managed to go to Washington park.  Since I missed speed work this week I decided to do hills.  I did a lap around for warm up, then started attacking the hill.  I did 6 repeats on the long hill up to the shelter.  After the hills i did another lap around to cool down.  Later hit up fit club for weights. 

So Flash forward this morning.  Long run day. Dreading it with out my faithful friend garmin.  I thought to myself, I should check the bag I had it in once more.  Looked, not there. But I must have missed it and when I put it away, because there it was, laying on the floor behind my bed. I think I let out a scream of joy!  So now I’m off to do 10.  I’m so happy we’re back together!