Long distance

Long distance was never my specialty.  I was always a sprinter.  Since I a have gotten older I enjoy going slower, running, or swimming longer.  Distance in other things, isn’t always as fun.  Friday after work I swam 1.5 miles.  Have you ever thought about how you are swimming while you are doing it?   Not easy.  I tried to think about how and when I kick, how I breathe, and how my arms are pulling.  It made it so complicated.  I now how to swim and thinking about everything was making it hard.   I think people get overwhelmed, and try to do too much.  Instead of all at once, I would concentrate on my kicking for 50m, then breathing etc.  When I start swimming I just get in a flow and a rhythm. 

Saturday My friend from Kansas came to town.  He did a sprint tri last year and really suffered on the swim.  We went to the pool to practice.  I’m not the best coach, but I thought I could help some.  The breathing is what he struggles with.  I tried to explain, but how do you tell someone to breath while swimming.   We worked on flip turns too.  My competitive nature may have made us race a 50m.  I won’t say who won, just in case he is reading this.  Thank you to all the wonderful coaches I’ve had in the past, and any coach out there.  It’s not easy.