Lights out

I went to FC this morning to find they were having a power outage.  The upstairs cardio room still had some lights and power.  I went to find a working treadmill.  Most of the would start, but not move.  I finally got on a working treadmill.  I turned on Zen and the art of triathlon pod cast.  I listened to that during my warm up.  Then i cranked the tunes and did 30min at a 8:00 pace.  All the while the lights kept flickering on and off, and with the air not working, it was hot and humid.  I think I sweat more inside today than ever.  After 40min and 4.5 miles I had to go get Reily from football practice. 

I jumped on my bike(on the trainer still) and road for 30min.  Finished the Zen pod cast and listened to some Marilyn Manson, and Wilco to end the session with some motivation.  A set of sit ups and push ups and I am done for the day!