Let it snow

I was feeling my I T band yesterday after my long run.  I had problems 2 years ago with the lateral area of my left knee.  I have been rolling it out before and after most runs.  I thought I should start doing the strengthening exercises my PT taught me last year when I was having pain in the medial area of my left knee.  Can’t hurt right?  So I woke up early, did 30 min. of yoga, and then the pt exercises. tick

I looked out the window, after being at work for a couple of hours, to see the snow falling. Oh it so pretty at first, but makes for sloppy running conditions.  I went home after work and instead of going back out with the kids, I did my work out at home.  I did 20 min. of abs.  Planks, crunches, bicycles…  Then I popped in my Race day training video, and got on the trainer.  The video has 15 min of warm up, and the 40 min following a pro in a race.  It shows his watts, rpm, and intensity at the bottom of the screen.  I don’t have a cadence monitor or power tap on my bike, so I just go by perceived intensity.  I push a little harder in a tougher gear, and then back it down a little when they do.  It’s better than just riding… I think I work harder. 

After dinner I played a few games of tick tack toe with my 6 year old son, and I’m embarrassed to say he beat me twice.  Fair and square.