Kim-1 Wetsuit-0

wetsuitwetsuit-2I figured it would be smart if I tried on the wetsuit, and swam in it before Saturday.  I put my trisuit on first and then put the wetsuit on at home, in the kitchen.  I followed the tips from the You tube video that was on the site.  I didn’ take me too long to get it on, but I definitely need the help from Steven.  I took it off, and changed into just a suit so I could try the wet suit out at the Fit Club pool.   I got the suit on faster the second time.  Steven got me some body glide, it helped slide the suit over my ankles. 

I jumped in the water, and it felt weird.  I know what Dan means about feeling like a “turd”.  I started swimming, and i felt like a dolphin sliding through the water.  After about 400 yards my arms were tired, especially my triceps.  I guess its the extra effort required to move in the suit.  I hopped out of the water and tried to take the suit off quick.  My arms got stuck above the elbow, frustrating.  I finally got it off.  I’m glad I got to practice.  I think I’m ready for Saturday, as long as I don’t panic and need someone to pull the suit off me. 

After work I went for a 4mile run.  My legs were tried from the track so I took it easy, then I went to 1730 ab attack.  I haven’t been to this class in a while, and my abs could tell.