Kick it Up

The temps this past week have been unusually cool, perfect for training.  The water this morning at Nelson was much cooler than Friday.  There was a good turn out today, We started with a 400 warm up, and 8×50’s on the 1:00.    Ed took charge of the practice and suggested a 3x1000y sets.  #1 : a straight 1000, #2 5×200’s, and #3 10×100’s pull.  I think everyone groaned after this.  Sommer and Oz were in my lane, and Gabe, Greg and James were next to us.  We decided to split the first set into 2×500’s  second one faster with a min. rest in between.  The 500’s weren’t bad.  I felt like I was swimming strong today.  The 5×200’s we did fast, mod, fast, mod, fast.  So on the 3:45, 4:00.   The last set of the 10×100’s we did on the 1:40, 50, 2:00.  I led the last four, and did okay.  Oz complimented me on how fast I can pull.  It’s because of my  man shoulders and  strong upper body, I don’t utilize the kick as much as I should but I make up for it.  It would help me in sprints if I kicked faster, I need to practice that I guess. 

We went to a benefit later that day for a friend’s daughter who has leukemia.  I got a little bid happy at the live, and silent actions.  I should have learned my lesson from the hope school fiasco.