Kara is My Hero.

After two difficult races in 2 weeks, I am ready to get back into my routine training.  I missed 2 weeks of masters swim, and I couldn’t wait to go swim today.  Before I left the house, I watched a little of the Boston Marathon on TV.  I was rooting for Kara and Ryan.  I know they both placed third, which is an amazing achievement, but still wish and American could have won.  I don’t care, Kara Goucher is still my hero. 

There was a good Monday group at the pool.  After a 500 warm up. we did 2x 4×200’s decreasing 1-4 on the 3:15.  That means we did four 200 yard swims, getting faster with each 200, twice.  After that, and easy 50.  Followed by 20×25 on the 30 with no breath.  It was a bad day for breathing, as Oz put it.  I think I took one breath on almost all of my 25’s.  The last thing we did was an all out 50.  Nancy and I tried to beat Ozzie, but he won.  I blame my race from Saturday. 

I went to 1600 powerzone at fit club.  I haven’t done weights for 2 weeks, and I was feeling wimpy.  I took it easy today. I backed off a little on my weight just to be careful.  I felt fine, I missed my Monday class.