Just Get Home.

I missed my typical long run Saturday morning because of the 2 mile swim, so I had to do it today.  What else would I expect except for it to be raining today.  Oh well it has to be done.  My wonderful mother picked up the kids and took them to a movie so I could do my long run.  Steven decided to go with me.  We were going to run by a house that we wanted to look at, and then he would head back home.  That was the plan anyway. 

I had been so cold all morning so even though the temp said it was 51 I still wore a long sleeved shirt, tights, and a rain jacket.  We ran through Tara hill and at mile 4 we made a pit stop at my bff Courtney’s house.  I ditched my long sleeved shirt and gloves.  She invited us to stay for lunch, but we had to move.  By mile 7 I was having horrible stomach cramps, and managed to make it to my brother house for another pit stop.  Steven and I never found the house for sale that we were looking for, and when we left Dan and Julie’s we were still 5 miles from home.  On our way down Washington Steven joked “want to add on another half mile?’  I replied “Uh, no.  I just want to get home. ” I had a horrible run, and Steven ran farther than he had in months.  We made it home, and crashed out till dinner.