Jump Start

Remember when MTV actually showed music videos?  People at work were shocked when I informed them that if you are up at 0500, you can watch “Jump Start” on Vh1.  I also had to inform them that, no, I don’t get up just to watch music videos, I am up to work out.  That shocks them more.  This morning I rode on the trainer and did some standing drills. 

After work , I was pressed for time so I did a quick set of squats, lunges and chest reps, and then got on the treadmill.  I did 5 min warm up, and the 4×800 increasing the speed by.2 everyone.  10 push ups and sit ups, the 4×400 Increasing the speed where I left off on the 800’s and 10 push up and sit ups in between each 400.  The last 400 was tough, I was out of breath.  I made a quick recovery drink before I took kids to soccer practice.  I sat in my car and read this months Triathlete Magazine.  It’s the ever controversial swim suit issue.