Jackson County Triathlon

DSC01427Sunday August 24th I participated in the 26th annual Jackson county triathlon, held in Lee’s Summit, Mo.  We picked up our packets on Saturday.  Not much in them for a big race.  I know you are curious about the shirt.  Well it is a white New Balance short sleeve, moisture wicking, but the design on the front is huge, and you guessed it, red, white, and blue. 

Everyone was to be at the race by 0530.  The long course was starting first at 0700, and the sprint at 0800.  I was up at 0400.  Had the usual cup of coffee, and peanut butter toast.  We left the house by 0450.  Out early arrival ensured us a prime parking spot, and a transition  spot right by the bike out/in.  It was still dark out when we arrived, and I was thankful Derick had a flash light.  Especially when the porta potty was calling.  We set up our transition area, and then got our chips, and got marked. 

DSC01425I wanted to test out my new Zoot’s.  I ended up buying a pair yesterday, and I had not ran in them yet.  I know this might not have been the smartest thing to do, but I thought”oh well”.   We warmed up with a short run, and I really liked the way mt Zoot’s felt.  I was really hoping it would help with my T1 and T2, by not putting socks on.  after the warm up we went down to the beach and watched the long course, start.  After they had all started, the short course athletes prepared.  Derick was in heat 7, and I was in 11.  My nerves were still on high, making my legs shake like a happy dog.  I hate waiting.   All the while I am eyeing my competition.  Looking to see who else has a “C” on their legs (my  age group).  Who looks like a good swimmer? 

Finally my turn.  We enter the water.  It has a nice sandy beach.  The horn sounds and we’re off.  The swim went in a triangular fashion.  I found a good position right away.  Inside, close to the buoys.  I was swimming in sync with another girl.  She was going strong, and I stuck with her around the first turn.  Midway through the back side I starting swimming over people from the heat ahead of us.  I started to pull away from the girl I was tagging, and lost her by the last turn.  I kicked it in to the beach.  I got out and ran up the side walk.  When I crossed the mat I heard ” 752 first girl out”  That got me pumped.  I was the first in my heat out of the water. 

DSC01434T1 was good.  No socks, just shoes, helmet, glasses.  The bike portion of this race was tough.  The first hill was long, and steep.  I got passed by 2 chicks on this hill, damn!  There were a few turns and curves.  I approached one of the s curves, and took it fast.  Probably faster than I should have.  We were given instructions pre-race that you must dismount your bike when you come to the wooden bride, or you will be DQ’ed.  That slowed you down a bit, and I had trouble getting clipped back in after crossing the bridge.  I neared the mats and had my feet out of my shoes already. The bike from the racer next to me had fallen and I had trouble getting my bike back in.  I slipped on my Zoots, and started running. 

The run was along a paved trail through the park.  I was feeling great, until mile one.  I could feel the blisters forming.  I could see the turn around close up ahead.  Who do I  see on their way back?  Derick.  This was probably the best thing ever.  I had my new motivation.  “I’m gonna catch him”  I started to pick up my pace, and by 2.5 mile I gave him a nice pat on the back and sprinted to the finish.  I had forgot to start my run on my garmin, so I wasn’t sure of my time.   

DSC01437I really wanted a beer, but had to settle for a diet Pepsi, and a banana.  Derick and I talked about the race while we waited for the results.  When they came I was fairly happy.  6th overall womens. 47th overall.  1:14:01 was my time.  The winner did it in 1:00:54.  and the winning Female in 1:08:39.  We waited and waited for the awards.  They did the long course first.  The did give away prizes in between ( I didn’t get any).  They had Rudy helmets, Northface bags, visors, and other cool stuff. 

Finally the awards.  I came all this way, and I was staying to get my medal.  I won first in my age group! I had a great time doing the race.  I ended up having the 3rd best women’s swim time.  Three seems to be my number.  I am still nursing my lovely blisters from the Zoot’s.  Not sure what will help for next time, but I would suck it up again and run with out the socks.