Ironmen of Wisconsin

My husband( who did IMWI) thought I should share my thoughts as an observer of the Ironman race.  So, I have to say first how inspiring all the athletes that competed in IMWI are, especially the ones I know!  Being an athlete, i was truly amazed at the whole Ironman event, it was awesome!  I went up to the race on Saturday, and met Steven and Travis at the hotel.  I was surprised to find them both rather chill.  We stayed in and ordered some gormet pizza’s and watched ” Couples retreat”.  I got a great nights sleep on Saturday, I cant speak for anyone else.

We made our way down to the start.  I left Travis and Steven in the transition area and went to find some coffee and a place to watch the start.  Julie, Sandy and I found a great spot on the roof top.  Watching the swim start was scary, and amazing.  All those people!  It was really cool seeing the pro’s in T1.  Thanks to the Hardy Breed Kits, it made it easy to spot the guys.  We saw them all in T1 and we shouted as loud as we could, but it turns out they couldn’t hear us.

Thanks to Chad we found our way to Verona.  The crowds were great!  We saw all the boys go around the first loop, and we had time to go grab some lunch, come back and make a spot on a street corner before they all came around again.  Eric S.  was off to a great start, Travis too!  I know Steven saw me on the second loop.

We headed back down town to see Steven, and Jason get out of T2 and start the run!  Chad and I made a detour to the Great Dane and had a beer.  The run course is also 2 loop so we got to see everyone on the run.  My brother came by and was looking good.  Steven gave me a quick kiss on the first loop.  ” It’s gonna be a long second half”  was all he said.  When Jason came though, he didn’t look so hot.  All we saw was Sandy darting into  Walgreens, and coming out with a Mountain Dew.  I think we shouted some words of encouragement, but what can you say? 

We went to the finish line and watched everyone role in.  Seeing my brother , Steven, and all the Hardy Breed rabbits cross the finish line was so cool.  I was instantly filled with a sense of pride.  I still don’t know how they were standing, and in some cases leaning.  Everyone finished and did an amazing job!  We got all the gear back to hotel and grabbed a quick bite before going to bed.  Just watching the race was exhausting!   After watching the Ironman, I knew I wanted to do one, but it also put a lot of doubt in my mind.  Seriously?  12 hours of constant movement?  I just don’t know. Watching my husband train, and the time and dedication he put in to it makes me appreciate the Ironman race.  Great job everyone!