I Can See!

After taking the kids to school, I rode the trainer for an hour.  I got on the free movies and picked a good one…Talladega Nights.  Now that movie is funny, I don’t care who you are.  I had a Dr. appointment at 1100.  Time for new contacts.  I got a stronger prescription, so now I should be able to see peoples face when out running. 

After the eye doc, I went to fc south and did a sprint set in the pool.  I did a 300 warm up then 4X 4×100’s on the 1:40,1:35,1:30, 1:25, then 8×25’s fast.  Then 4x 4×50’s pull descending.

I picked up Walker and Texas Ranger, or TR as we like to call him, from school.  I went to 1600 powerzone and then went home and grilled out some turkey burgers on the grill.