Hustle was the word of the day today.  We must have hustled enough at work today, because we finished early.  We never finish early on Tuesday!  I took advantage and left around 1500. I hustled to fit club south and did an awesome sprint work out in the pool.  300 warm up, then a main set of: 1x50m on the 40sec, then 6×50 on the 1min, then another 50 on the 40 then 5×50 on the min.  continued down to 1.  Then a 400 pull, and cool down.  After the swim I hustled to pick up Brady from school, and we made it fit club with 5min. to spare, in time to do 1730 ab attack.  Ohh it was tough today. My abs were sore from yesterday.  Since I got my swim in early, I hustled from fit club and did a quick 3mile run.  I managed around 7:45miles.  Whew,  I was wiped out after that.  Brady and made supper and then he got a double fudge ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins.  FYI. Tuesday night is family night.  Kids scoop was just $1. I  drank a Gatorade while he enjoyed his cone!