Hot Child in New City

I did and early swim before work this morning.  I didn’t want to push too hard, because I knew I was going to do the New City time trial later.  I did a 300 warm up, 2×150’s drills, 1×600, 2×300, 3×200.  Trying to keep the 300’s and the 200’s faster than the 600.  200 pull to finish.

I was nervous about the time trial, it was my first time going out there.  It was good to have Steven with and  Lance C.  They were newbies too.  I was #43.  I was glad to know the slower people started first , so I was like 4th out.  When I started out, I felt like I was running a 5K.  Whenever I run a 5k, I cant breathe, and my legs are super tight for like 5 min until I loosen up and relax.  I finally relaxed a bit and felt OK, but there was a strong head wind on the way out.  When I reached the turn around, I was so happy my brother or Steven hadn’t passed me!  All these guys, and girls are so fast.  The way back was much faster with the tail wind.  I finished in 31:21.  Not bad for me, and now I have some thing to improve on.  Brenda R. and a few others slipped their running shoes on and did a quick run afterwards.  I will definitely do this next time.  Great idea.  I hope to be back in two weeks.   Running wild and looking pretty.  ( and that is  a guy that sings that song.?!)