Hospital Hill

I was in Kansas city this past weekend.  Beautiful city.  A friend and I decided we would run the Hospital hill 10K while I was there.  There was also a 5K as well as a Half marathon.  We got our packets on Friday.  This is why I love big races. Cool stuff. I got an awesome blue dry fit shirt, visor, chap stick, and a few other goodies.  The race started at 0700.  We got there around 0630. The start was at the Crown center, a shopping center in downtown KC.  I love big races! (Did I say that already)  It was chipped timed of coarse.  We did a quick warm up.  Didn’t take long as it was already in the 80’S and humid.  I’m not exactly sure how many people ran, but 811 finished the 10k.  The half and 10k started at the same time.  We were bottle necked and had to wait a few minutes to start.  I started doing the bob and weave so I could find a comfortable pace.   I was running about a 7:05 pace the first  mile. WHOA way too fast.  I slowed down a bit. At mile 2 came the huge hill. I’m so glad this was at the beginning.  As I’m running up the hill I hear a bystander yell “good job. Your half way up.”  Half way! I though he was crazy, but no it kept going, and going.  After you tackle that hill you get a break.  When the half and 10 K splits, there is a nice steep, but short hill waiting.  I tried to keep my pace around 8:00, but it was tough.  I was ready for water at the 5 mile mark.  Thankfully the last half mile is down hill, so I kicked it up and finished strong. 

A cold towel and water awaited me.  I turned around to see a girl puke everywhere as  crossed the finish. Eww I felt bad for her.  I received an awesome finishers medal. We also got flip flops as a prize.  They had a really nice expo set up.  I got to see the new Garmin 405’s.  Want One!!  The only bad thing to say was they had pancakes and sausage as post race food.  No fruit at all.  I ended up with a time of 51:47.  Not a pr, but I haven’t ran a 10k in 2 years, and I know I started way too fast.  I was excited!  I was 65th overall, 11th overall in women, and 5th in my age group.  I was pretty happy with that.  This was a fun race, and a great weekend in Kansas City.  I think I’ll be back soon.