Holy Hell

There was a smaller crowd this morning at the masters swim.  I know a lot of people had swim meets and other plans, so they swim earlier.  After the warm up, we started with 10×50’s.  My speed is still good , so I can keep up on these.  Then we did 3×300’s, 3×200’s.  My endurance on these kind of sets is not quite back, I struggled to keep up.  Last we did 6×100’s odds on the 1:40, evens on the 1:50.  I was shot by then, and I think I only did the first 3 on that interval.  I finished the set and then had to hurry home.  Steven and I planned to leave the house around 1000 to go ride. 

Even after the 100+ he road with the boys yesterday, he was still ready to go with me.  Riding with me is like a vacation after riding with my brother.  We started out down Washington, and turned right on Amos to start heading out of town.  If you have ever been on Amos, the road is uneven and there is a ledge that runs down the road.  We were talking, my tire got caught, and it threw my bike right out from under me.  I landed on my left hip hard.  I got up and it took me a few minutes to shake it off.  I had a minor cut on my knee that was bleeding, and a scrape on my left elbow.  Steven suggested we go home, but I felt ok and wanted to ride, so we went on. It might have been God’s way of telling me to go to church, since I wiped out right in front of St. Agnes.   We went out by the airport and through Salisbury.  We went out  a little longer than a  hour and a half, almost to New Salem.  We turned around and went back the way we came.   My elbow made it difficult to ride in aero position.  We made it back home with 3hours of ride time, well minus my crash time.