Hills Make You Stronger

There is nothing that is supposed to get you back in shape faster than running hills.  So  that’s what incorporated into my run this morning.  I was sluggish and unmotivated to go run.   It couldn’t decide if it was going to rain or not. A pot of coffee later and I was out the door.  I ran to the park and started with some easy hills.  I did the small hills by the pavilion, down one side, up the other, the back up the other side.  I did 4 of these, and then ran around the other side of the park.  Then I did 4 more on the steeper hill that goes up Lincoln(on the LM half ).  I ran back home.  Even with the hills, I felt pretty good.  I finished the workout by mowing my yard, just before it started to rain. 

In the afternoon I went to fit club early and did a long swim.  Just a straight swim, a little over a mile.  Nothing exciting, I just tried to keep the tempo up.  After the swim it was time for powerzone.  We did a long set of squats and lunges to start, then chest and back, bicep, triceps and shoulders.