Hard Days Night

I got up early an started to ride the trainer this morning.  My ipod was malfunctioning and I could not watch the Taylor Swift video on VH1 one more time.  I started searching through the movie in the On Demand section.  About this time my 6 year old comes down and lays on the couch.  I found “Annie” and had to watch it. I love Annie.  Who doesn’t?  Well, Brady whined “I don’t want to watch this” , “well too bad, I’m exercising and I do”.  I rode for 45 min, just tried to keep a high cadence.  When it came time to leave for school Brady was hooked and didn’t  want to turn “Annie” off. 

After work I had to go do my Mid week long run of 10 mile.  I looped though the park and then Tara hill.  While I was running the Beatles song ” hard days night”  came to mind.  I think some days my mid week runs are harder than my long runs on Saturday.  I guess from having a long day at work and being on your feet all day.   I finished the 10 miles, a little wet from the rain, and with dirty shoes.  I finished in time to go tot the Brick house and watch the second half of the Illini game.