Happy Valentines Day!

swim-suitHappy Valentines Day!  It’s another long run Saturday, but this morning we met at Panera for a change of scenery.  Most of the group was doing 17, but it’s a cut back week for me and I was doing 12.  There were around 10 of set out to run.  It was great to see Allyson again. (glad to see your foot is doing better!)  We ran out to Panther Creek down Veterans.  We cut through Westchester subdivision.  The people going 17 kept on down Stanford.  I went back down Wabash trail, and back to Panera. 

After my 12, Steven met me for coffee and breakfast at panera.  (the oatmeal is awesome!). Later on we celebrated Valentines day .  Steven  got me  an awesome new TYR suit.  Steven got a new swim suit too, but men’s sizing in swim suits is a bit different.  Don’t go by waist size.  Oops my bad.  Can’t wait to wear my new suit to the pool!