Happy Holla Holla Holiday

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I had a wonderful Christmas, and not just because I was totally surprised with a new Northface  jacket.  My kids got enough new toys and Wii games to last all year! 

The week has been crazy, but I have managed to fit in all my workouts from my training plan.  I woke up early Christmas morning and did a tempo run, and Friday I did weights, and speed work on the treadmill before braving the Target for some after Christmas steals. 

This morning I took the kids to FC and did a 3 mile run on the treadmill, and a 1 mile swim.  While I was swimming I noticed the billboard out front of fitclub, advertising for the New Year promotion.  Ugh, I’m all about people starting to exercise, I just hate how busy it get with all the people whose New Years resolution it is  to loose weight.