“I tried to do handstands for you” How much do you love the new ipod commercial?  So of course I downloaded the song today.  “bruises” by Chairlift.  This really has nothing to do with my workouts today, but I can walk on my hands. 

I left my house and headed to Washington park.  The weather was beautiful.  I kept my pace fairly slow, and did 8miles total.  i made it to FC for 1730 ab attack.  It was much easier today. 

I got on the trainer when I got home and started to listen to a “Vegan freak” podcast.  I was going to ride for 40min, but I was feeling like my legs were made of cement, so I stopped at 25min.  I talked to rabbit Emily K. at football practice.  She was telling me about a 5k in Sherman this Sat.  I was not planning on going to Decatur, due to a prior engagement in the afternoon, but there is always time for a 5K.