Half Way There.

This week was so busy, I couldn’t find any time to post.  Monday morning I went to masters, and went for a run.  Wednesday I had a tough track workout, thanks to speedy Leah H.  I felt the track workout the next day on our 10 mile run.  After the run I went to see my very best friend, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  Coco is dying to get back to running. 

Friday morning was masters again.  Today Steven and I headed out for a long bike ride.  We road to Chatham, to New City on part of the Iron Abe course, and back home.  Total was 60miles for the day.  I think I am ready for the race next Sunday.  My running has been feeling much better, and I haven’tbeen having any knee pain ( knock on wood).   This should be a god training race for Augusta, we are half way through the training plan.