Half Asleep

My day began around 0430 this morning.  I got up, made a pot of coffee, and then began a pilates workout half asleep.  Pilates is great because, you are stretching, and working the core.  I didn’t get up so early just for fun, I had to be at work at 0600 for a staff meeting. 

When work was finished, I feeling the early morning.  I was feeling lethargic, but drove to the park anyway.  I started my run.  The first 2.5 mile were nice and slow.  I had planned this run as an easy recovery run anyway.  I listened to the Age Grouper podcast.  The were talking about the M.I.S.T.( Midwest indoor sprint Triathlons).  It is a series of three indoor sprint triathlons.  The all take place in the Chicago area.  It might be fun to try one in the future.  They are based on how far you can go in a certain time rather than the traditional distance in how fast.  The second 2.5 miles I switched to music.  I picked up  the pace as some old school Hole came on with “violet”.  I finished my 5 mile and went home. 

I took #1 son to football, and then I couldn’t be done.  I went to the pool for a cruise interval set. 

400 warm up

2×300, 50 fast, 25 easy

300 moderate cruise

500 cruise

200 moderate

500 cruise

100 fast.

This was all I could fit in  before I had to pick up at practice.  I might be half asleep while writing this post, so forgive me.