Go Cards Go!

St Louis CardinalsDid anyone else catch that game last night?  It was a close one for the cards, but they got the win, thanks to Miles awesome walk off grand slam!!  Lets hope they do it again tonight, as Courtney and I are headed to the game in about 2 hours.  I left work at 1300, and had to get a quick run in.  I know it’s the middle of the day, and it’s freakin hot, but I was not running on the treadmill.  I ran from my house, around Washington park, and back.  3.5 miles @ a 7:15 pace.  I was soaked when I got home.  I jumped in the shower, and I’m not sure if it took. I’m still sweating.  ( Sorry I stole your line Kelly).  Watch for me on T.V.  I’ll be wearing my Pujols jersey!! Go Cards!