Getting Older


There is nothing like your baby turning 7 to make you feel old.  Well that and the fact that I have a huge knot in my back from the swim yesterday. (anyone know a good sports masseuse?) 

I woke up early and rode on the trainer for 45 min. Movie of the morning… ” Billy Madison”  Tatatatoday Junior.    I laughed my butt off while riding.  Afterwork I did a 5 mile run in the park, and then picked up my bday boy from school.  He had Chicken noodles soup for dinner, his request, and Steven made him cookies.    By the end of the day the knot in my back felt like a grapefruit and I  was feeling like a senior citizen at MCL. I guess as our children get older, we get wiser. I took some ibuprofen and went to bed, happy to be able to do what I do.  I hope I can still jump off the diving board when I’m 80.