Get out

I managed to get out and run 8 miles today.  Even though 2 days off isn’t much, why is it so hard to get out the door the next time.  I think part of it is a fear of how I’m going to feel.  I felt great on the run. It was one of those runs when you get home and think.. I just ran 8 miles that went by fast, felt like 4.  The wind was in my face on the way back, but I think it helped keep the gnats away!  Nothing is better than a hot sweaty make up run, after 2 days off. 

I did my usual monday night routine of 4 o’clock powerzone at the club. Then I hit the pool.  I did a 400 warm up. then a main set of 4X 100’S not to fast, 4×75 descend with 10sec rest. 4x 200 cruise speed, tried to maintain the same speed for each interval, with a 15sec rest inbetween each one. Then 4×100’s again. This time descending in time.  Finished up with a 200 cool down, Breathing  the weak side on uneven laps.  I’m like Zoolander I can’t breath on the right. I don’t know why?