French Fries

Does a brick work out count like french fries. It only counts as one fry if they are stuck together? So do you think of your brick as one whole work out or two separate?

I planned on a brick this morning and set out for my ride. I did a lap and half through the park and then down to the Wabash trail. On mile 10 I took a Gu roctane, knowing I still had a run ahead. I made it back home, having done 20 on the bike. I changed shoes, and was off. I know I haven’t done a brick in a couple weeks, and my legs felt surprisingly good. But after mile 1, I think my blood sugar was 20. I felt hungry and shaky. Weird, I never get that feeling. I cut my run short, and only did 3 miles. It only made sense to go to Bentoh’s and have a fabulous lunch.

I went to 1600 powerzone at fc. I had actually fixed my hair and had make up on from lunch, and I had my matching Nike tempo track shorts, and singlet on. We were just talking about “those girls” at work yesterday, and to day I was one. The difference, I was actually there to work out.

After weights came Wednesday night at the track. I did 3×800, and 3x 400. We won’t talk about times today. I dropped at football, and went home. If I do one more thing today I think I will drop. Speaking of, I could use some french fries right now.