Freaky Friday

I went to the park around 1530 just to do a quick 3 miles.  It was so hot, but I wanted to get a few miles in before the race tomorrow.  I ran Wednesday night, and I like to make sure my legs felt ok.

I started my run through the park.  Picture me running along around by the smaller lake.  I  hear a russeling in the trees above me.  I look up expecting a tree banch to be falling from some squirrels chasing one another.  I see a large brown object falling right in front of me.  I stop running, and SPLAT!  A squirrel lands right in front of me. I let out a scream .  I look up to see a hawk flying away.  I guess he dropped his lunch.  Well I was totally disgusted and freaked out by the whole thing. 

I finished the rest of my run, but not with out looking up every 5sec. to make sure I wouldn’t be hit by any falling squirrels.