Forgivin and forgotten

Well I would like to say how well I did at the biathlon, but I made a rookie mistake.  I usually don’t have to take my bike apart to put it on my car, but I had my dad’s jeep. I took the front wheele off, and left the skewer sitting on the garage floor. I now know, thanks to Dan, that it’s a quick release. Duh.  I didn’t realize I left it until around 0700. I would never have made it home and back.  I was so mad at myself and wanted to leave, but I did the 5k anyway. I’m glad I stayed. My time was 22:15. My best time this year.  Congratulations to everyone! Great Job Dan.    For me, I have to move on. 

After the biathlon I headed up to Northern Chicago to visit family.  My Aunt Judy lives in Mc Henery, Il around The Chain of Lakes. It is a very beautiful area.  I needed to do my long run on Sunday, but there is not a lot of area to run. There is a major road on one side, and a lake on the other.  I figured I would find somewhere to go.  I ran by the lake, winded up and down the residential streets, I setteled in with a nice 2 mile loop.  It really was gorgeous, but I think after the fifth time around, the neighbors were getting suspicious.  I managed to get 10miles in!  Later in the day my dad and step mom, and my cousin Kylie and I went to a bar called Blarney’s Island.  It was so cool. You had to take the water taxi to the island, and it is just this bar in the middle of the lake.  They had a band, and plenty of cold refreshing recovery drinks.  I made sure to rehydrate with a few Mai tai’s.  It turned out to be a nice weekend after all. I’ve managed to forgive myself, and it’s almost forgotten. I’m still waiting for some harassment from a few people.