Well, I did it, I’m a follower. (Clarence stop reading) I joined Twitter.  I am only following a few people right now, including Dan, and Lance Armstrong.  After Joining the revolution, I set out for my long run. 

I had long tights on to start, but as soon as I stepped out side, I ran back in and changed to shorts.  It somehow looked like it should have been colder.  I Started with a normal route through the park, but  after that I took a different way.  I was tried of the same old routine, and decided to switch it up.  I ran down Chatham road, through Tara hill ( by Coco’s house), and ended up going out west on Washington.  On mile 9 I was headed up a hill and my hamstrings were cramping.  I stopped at the top and did a few quick stretches before heading home.  13 miles done. 

After a nice recovery lunch, I got the kids from school.  Later, we went to fc, and got my bag out of the trunk, realizing I forgot my swim suit, @#*^.  So, I did my hour of wights, and since there was no swimming, I did 25min on the elliptical.  I really dislike the elliptical.  I can not wait till my Dad get back to Illinois with my bike.  A ride on the trainer would have been preferred.