I woke up this morning to my long run calling my name.  The weather was perfect.  I cherish my long runs.  I did a reverse of my 10 mile 2 weeks ago.  I started running through the park first, up to fit club, through the neighbor hoods, and back home via Washington.  I didn’t feel bad, but my legs did feel tired.  I’m sure it’s from Saturdays race.  I made it home, finishing with 12 miles, despite 3 different cars trying to run me over today.

After a recovery shake, I took my bike to R&M and said farewell.  The hot to trot race is in less than 2 weeks and I needed to have my bike shipped.  I get nervous before any race, especially a triathlon.  I need to make sure I have everything I might need.  So I can just imagine how freaked out I am going to be a race 14 hours away.  I think shipping it today will ensure enough time for it to arrive in Alabama.  The guys at R&M are adding a special touch to the bike before they ship it too! 

1600, we head to  swimming lessons for son #2.  I read my new issue of runners world during the lessons.  I think Brady’s stroke is going to be the back stroke.  He’s a natural. 

After swimming I went to FC south and did powerzone.  Thankfully Stephanie didn’t do too much lower body, I don’t think my legs could have taken it.  Some tofu and zucchini and I’m on the couch.