Fake Bake

The kids are home for Christmas break, so instead of a long run today, I went to the fit club and did a long interval swim set.: warm up:(600/600y)


  1. 6×100, Odds: 50 swim max DPS/50 kick
    Evens: 50 drill/50 swim build
  1. 1×400 on cruise+15 sec (100 moderate/50 uptempo/100 moderate/50 uptempo/100 moderate)
    1×500 on cruise+15 sec (100 moderate/100 uptempo/100 moderate/100 uptempo/100 moderate)
    1×600 on cruise+15 sec (100 moderate/150 uptempo/100 moderate/150 uptempo/100 moderate)
    1×700 on cruise+15 sec (100 moderate/200 uptempo/100 moderate/200 uptempo/100 moderate)
Last set
  1. 1×300 kick
    1×300 pull, breathing every 3rd stroke/5th stroke/3rd stroke/7th stroke by 25

(600/4000 )

Later in the evening I ran up to go tanning.  Yea I am a nurse and should know better, but my seasonal affective disorder was acting up, and nothing feels better than some fake sun.  After my healthy does of UV, I ran back home.  Now that’s a brick.