End to the Long Weekend

Will this training weekend ever end?  I went to masters swim this morning.  After a warm up, Oz was calling the practice.  We did 8×50 on the min. to start.  Then Oz said let’s do 10×300’s.  Nicole and I laughed “he’s joking right?”  No, he was serious.  For the first three we did slow,slow, fast per hundred, slow, fast, fast, then all fast.  Okay not too bad.  The next three were by 100, on the 1:40, 2:00 pull, and then 1:30.  rest.  The last three were 50 cruise, 50 stroke.  I did back stroke and sprinted the last 50.  I ended up only doing 7 of the 10.  Steven was finished and we had another ride to do. 

I can’t express how much I really didn’t want to go ride.  This is when a training partner is really nice, otherwise I might have skipped it.  We road down to panther west and out to the Curran blacktop and to Auburn.  We took the Chatham trail back home for 40miles total.  My legs were tired from the start, but we had a decent ride.   I am so glad tomorrow is a rest day!