Drill, Swim, Bike…

I spent the first couple hours of the morning in a dentist chair.  Now Dr. Ranken is a great dentist, and my Bff’s brother,but I would rather be anywhere else.  After having two fillings redone ( one I chipped while on a long run, eating a frozen sports bean),  I went to fit club south and got in the pool for a sprint workout.  When I started swimming I realized how numb my upper lip, and nose were.  I could have had snot running down my upper lip, and never would have known.    The swim was a 300 warm up, repeat this set 3 times:  100 fast, 2×75 m-f-m, f-m-f.  3×50 fast, 4×25 fast, 50 slow.  200 cool down.

After I picked up the kids from school I did an hour on the trainer.  I did a work out that Dan showed an example on Friday.  I did 10 min warm up, the  1min hard, 1min easy x10.  Then 10 min of easy spinning.  I followed with 2 min standing, and 2 min recovery.  My legs were screaming and the end!

I finished up the day with 1600 powerzone at fc west.  Amanda’s has been on a 1 leg squats kick.  That was enough of the drills for one day.