Drill Sergeant

My house has never been so clean.  The open house is today from 1-3.  So after cleaning I went to the running center to purchase a Strassburg sock.  I have have been feeling planter like pain on and off in my left foot.  I guess I’m trying to fend it off with the sock.  Everyone I’ve talked to says it really works.  I just hope nothing major develops before the Marathon. 
After that I went to the, now up and running again, Fitclub south pool.  Finger tip drag was the drill of the day.  This drill helps rotate the torso, and help keep your elbow high on recovery.
Fingertip drag
Warm up :
1 x 600: 300 Free/300 Non-Free
Drill Set
3 x 100: 50 Knuckle drag/50 Fingertip Drag (breathe every 3rd stroke)
6 x 50: Odds: Kick Evens: 25 Fingertip Drag/25 Swim
10 x 100: Cruise
Rest :15
5 x 200: Cruise, Descend 1-3, 4-5
12 x 25: Odds: Fingertip Drag/Evens: No Breath