Don’t get in my way

Friday was the first full rest day I’ve taken off in, I think, 3 weeks.  I spent the day at work and then driving all afternoon. I guess thats rest. 

Today my weight routine consisted of moving heavy boxes out of an office, into a truck and then in to a new office. (I am such a great friend).  I don’t let just anything get in the way of my training, and since it was raining, I could not run anyway. 

After the move, I got to check out a local KC gym.  I was pretty nice.  Nursery, juice bar, indoor, and outdoor pools.  “Yeah I could work out here. ” After a quick tour  we headed to the pool.  I needed to get a sprint set in.  I did 10×25 on the 20 with 20sec. rest, then 4x 100 on the 1:25 with 10sec rest.  A 500 pull, and another set of 100’s.  I felt much better after the work out. “Nothing’s getting in my way”.  Thats the new motto.

After the gym we went to Whole foods.  I think the chances of Springfield ever getting a Whole foods, are slim to none.  If you have never been to one, you should.  I love this grocery store.  Tons of organic and vegan food for me!  They have an awesome buffet.  I got some delicious tofu /rice salad.