I skipped out of meeting everyone at Cafe Moxo yesterday for a long run.  Truthfully  I didn’t feel well.  I opted for a swim later in the day.  So I had to make up the run today. 

The weather was perfect.  31 degrees, high of 36.   Minimal winds. I set out down Kokemill and did a loop around Target. I did a Gu at mile 6,and ditched the trash at the Walgreens. I was at fc west around mile 9. I kept my pace comfortable for now. I was going to do the last 7 mile along the frostbite course. Throw in some hills for fun. I turned around after doing the three hills across Bradfordton, and when I got to the bottom of hill 2 my personal domestique was pulling up on his bike. Steven took my water bottle from me and had nutrition if I needed it. With 4 miles left, this was just the push I needed. I made it back up the three hills and started pushing a 7:45 pace. We ran into a pack of Team Mack guys starting out for a ride.
I kept up my fast pace and finished at home with 16.5 miles done. It took me 2:24. Much faster than I thought! Thanks to my domestique for the motivation.
After a shower, and lunch, I was ready to cheer for the Illini, and then the Steelers!