PhotobucketI think I caught a case of the doldrums.  I just haven’t been in the mood to write. Sorry.  I have been working out though , nothing too exciting.  Last Thursday I did a long run of 13.2 miles.  Saturday I did a pool swim, 10×200’s on the 3:45. 

Today I slept in and went to fc around 0930.  I did a good treadmill work out.  1.5mile warm up, then 8x .5mile repeats. 1, and 2 were at 7.5 and I increases until my last .5 mile was at 8.6 on the treadmill, I think thats a 6:58 min/mile.  I went home and did my Kelly Rippa work out , and a set of abs.  I can seriously tell a difference in my outer thigh and glutes just from 1 week or the Kelly exercises. I finished the Sunday by watching the Phillies win another game in the series.