Dive in

No Diving

I’m breakin the law.  Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic.  I went to fit club after work, and I had not been in the pool in a week. So when I got to the pool, and saw there was no one else there… I had to dive in. It was like being in a swim meet again.  Yes I saw the signs.  But that is for people who don’t know what they’re doing.  I started my long swim.  I did a little over a mile.  I could tell I had missed a few swim workouts.  Towards the end of the mile my stroke was getting sloppy.  After the swim I headed to the track.  I was dreading the work out due to the heat, and I had no clue what Katie had planned.  I was glad to hear we were doing a short ladder.  600,400,200,200,400,600.   I made through one and a half ladders.  Despite the heat I felt like I was running really strong.  I finished the night with a set of sit ups.  In the comfort of my air conditioned house, of course.