Columbus discovered America, and I discovered today, that I could get a lot more done with a 2 hour lunch every day.  

The clinic was slow today, and so I took a two hour lunch.  I headed to the west side to go for a run with a fellow H.B. rabbit. We set out on our run.  I didn’t have my garmin, because I didn’t know I would get to go run outside today.  I was great weather and a nice run.   I had just enough time to change clothes quick. before going back to work.  I wasn’t sure how far or fast we ran.  I felt like we were keeping a fairly fast pace, but not tempo.  I was pretty tired the rest of the afternoon. I didn’t eat lunch, but grabbed some ghram crackers and peanut butter at work. 

Steve did a drive of our route, 6.2mile in 51:??.  About an 8:17 pace.  Not to shabby.  Now, I need to spend the rest of tonight packing for the trip!